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4 Jan 2021

Welcome back to work, we hope you had a well-deserved break. We’re refreshed and looking forward to a busy and exciting new year.

22 Dec 2020

Finance intends to approach the market to continue the operation of the GovCMS Drupal Services Panel.

15 Dec 2020

The challenges we’ve faced this year were unexpected and unprecedented.

15 Dec 2020

This month Salsa Digital published more training videos.

15 Dec 2020

We’re seeking interest from you on regular meetups aimed at people working in the technical space.

15 Dec 2020

We interviewed website owners and service providers this month to understand how they use the GovCMS website, Agency Update and the Service Desk.

Upcoming events and training

We’re seeking interest from the GovCMS Community in monthly workshops aimed at people working in the technical space.

We’re rolling out the D9 GovCMS distro in the first half of this year.

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