About GovCMS

The Department of Finance noticed that many agencies had similar requirements for a content management system for their websites, however they were choosing different platforms and hosting infrastructure, resulting in a disjointed experience for their customers. The solution identified to address this issue was to create a single content management system, GovCMS, that could be used by all levels of government. GovCMS aims to simplify Government ICT and eliminate duplication of activities across agencies.

The GovCMS service is managed by the Department of Finance and is guided by the government’s policy commitments for eGovernment and the Digital Economy:

‘Simplify Government ICT and eliminate duplicated, fragmented and sub-scale activities across agencies by requiring use of shared or cloud services where minimum efficient scale hurdles are not met’.

GovCMS is an open source content management system available to all levels of Australian government.

GovCMS is:

  • built on Drupal Open Source Software which means all new functions that are developed and included in the GovCMS service can be used by all GovCMS customers.
  • secure as it meets Australian Government online security standards, reducing the security accreditation work required by agencies for their websites.
  • compliant with the Digital Service Standard and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  • built to ensure that it works on all devices (mobile and desktops).
  • part of a large community that enables people to share ideas, experiences and any new features that they develop.

GovCMS was developed to:

  • reduce the technology and compliance burden on government agencies while providing a more cost-effective option for managing websites.
  • provide agencies with a platform to design, develop and host websites.
  • allow agencies to focus on providing high quality content and services to people.
  • build communities of digital expertise across all levels of government.

Major advantages for agencies that use GovCMS include:

  • constant monitoring of GovCMS sites. Any security fixes are applied across all GovCMS sites.
  • software maintenance, bug fixing and patching is done for the entire govCMS community.
  • improved user-friendly experience that can be viewed easily on all devices.

Services that are included when you purchase a GovCMS plan are:

  • website hosting
  • management of the software and platform (for Software as a Service customers).
  • access to online training material.
  • support for agencies using GovCMS.

Additional services that are available for GovCMS customers include:

  • Drupal website design and development, including theming and visual design.
  • website migration services, including migration from other content management systems to Drupal, and page content migration.
  • content strategy
  • user experience (UX) design
  • information architecture (IA) design
  • custom module development
  • Drupal consulting