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Designed by government, for government. Our goal is to help you deliver and maintain secure, modern and user-friendly websites. GovCMS is community-based, but don't just take our word for it.


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What is GovCMS?

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Are you looking for a secure and cost-effective way to manage your organisation’s website? Look no further, welcome to GovCMS.

GovCMS is a whole of government, cost recovered, content management system and web hosting service. It was built by government, for government, and has all the tools you need to create and host websites and digital services which are secure, scalable, and accessible.

Content Management System

A content management system (CMS) is software which makes it easier to author web content and manage other digital assets. GovCMS is built on Drupal, an open source CMS used by over a million websites globally.

It is designed to meet the needs of government agencies and their digital services, with a flexible front end, and fast and efficient editing tools. GovCMS allows agencies to update their websites as needed to make sure their information is accurate and up to date, without needing a team of developers in-house.

With GovCMS, you get the same great features of Drupal, but with the added knowledge and support from the GovCMS team here at the Department of Finance.

Find out more about Drupal at Drupal.org

Web hosting

Web hosting delivers your content, including the website itself, and makes it available on the internet. For a website to be available online, the data including code, content, images, and downloadable files, need to be housed on a server. Web hosting services, such as GovCMS, provide the platform to house that data.

GovCMS hosting includes the hardware infrastructure on which your website runs, and the behind-the-scenes tools to manage how GovCMS websites are deployed, and when they need to scale. For example, GovCMS uses public cloud infrastructure so that when your website traffic spikes, the platform automatically scales-up, and when traffic is low, the platform idles down. This feature makes your website both resilient and cost-effective over time.

With GovCMS you will also receive access to a project space where your developers can manage your website’s code and configuration.

Service Choices

GovCMS provides both Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) products.

As part of our SaaS web hosting plans, we also provide the security, CMS software, and the infrastructure your website sits on. This ensures your website stays up and running and has the best practices in place with an aim to meet the standards set by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (who also trust GovCMS to host their website). GovCMS also uses leading cybersecurity tools to keep our SaaS websites protected against known and emerging threats.

Our PaaS web hosting comes with more options for customisation, but it requires the owner to maintain their websites software and security patching themselves. Managing a PaaS hosted website means you will need to have an in-house team of developers, or a commercial relationship with a third-party service provider.

By using a service like GovCMS, you’re taking advantage of an economy of scale. This means that because GovCMS provides these services to more than 100 departments and public sector agencies across all levels of government in Australia, we can spread the cost of running and hosting websites across agencies.

This allows us to provide subscribers to our smallest, cheapest, hosting plans, with the same level of support and security as our largest customers.

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Why GovCMS

GovCMS hosts over 300 websites for more than 100 agencies across all levels of government in Australia. Our community is strong, well supported, and growing. GovCMS runs regular events and training which bring the community together to share best practice, innovate, collaborate, co-design and solve problems.

GovCMS allows you to manage and maintain affordable and responsive websites. It reduces the technology and compliance burden on your agency and provides a cost-effective option for managing websites and keeping them secure.

GovCMS also makes it easier to collaborate and innovate with other agencies and focus on providing high quality content and services to users. It helps to build communities with digital experience and bring people together to solve problems.

The benefits of using GovCMS include:

  • Reliability – a quality onshore service, with an uptime of 99.95%, all the time. We experienced no down time during the COVID19 crisis.
  • Affordability – a cost-effective service which saves your agency time and money.
  • Flexibility – a scalable option which can adapt to suit your website needs.
  • Monitored – support and critical assistance when you need it, 24/7.
  • Security – be confident that your website is secure and compliant with government standards.
  • Accessibility – meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.
  • Best practice – based on the Digital Service Standard which helps you build websites that are simple, clear, and fast.
  • Community – a strong growing community where you can access, contribute, and share ideas to create a better digital experience.
  • Open source – built on Drupal, on open source software used by over a million websites globally with a large community of developers, designers, and other contributors.
  • Innovative – continuously improving to meet changing needs, with an ethos of innovation and growth.

See a sample of the more than 300 websites hosted on GovCMS

The bigger picture

Using GovCMS means your agency is using a solution that is built for Australian Government.

It means your website is complying with the Digital Transformation Agency’s (DTA) Whole of Government Hosting Strategy. As well as ensuring you are using infrastructure that meets the requirements of the Hosting Certification Framework designed to safeguard Australian Government data.

By using GovCMS you are also better managing your content. You’ll also be complying with the policy position for content management as set out by the Australian Government Architecture which requires agencies to:

  • Avoid investment in new digital experience platform (DXP) tools until they have discussed with The Department of Finance the procurement options and pricing available through the GovCMS program.
  • Avoid investment in new, standalone solutions for the hosting and publishing of web content, until they have discussed with The Department of Finance the capabilities and opportunities GovCMS provides.
  • Consider onboarding to the Whole-of-Government GovCMS.
  • Meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA.

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What our customers have to say about us

  • The GovCMS team were highly responsive during the COVID-19 pandemic. We knew when we raised a critical issue we would have eyes on it immediately. Their support was crucial to supporting our stakeholders and ensuring Australians had access to the latest information.

    Danni, Website Manager, Department of Health

  • We collaborated with GovCMS to upscale the database. This was executed seamlessly, in a tight time frame and under significant pressure. This meant we were able to supply information to the public during a pandemic with no outages. This supported real people and their ability to care for themselves and their families.

    Susie, General Manager, Communications Division, Services Australia.

  • The last thing we wanted was another “standard government website”.. We wanted a [website] that was easy to maintain to allow us to concentrate on what we do best — promoting online safety for all Australians. The SaaS platform allowed us to do everything we envisioned and more.

    Kathryn, Website Manager, Office of the eSafety Commissioner, Webby Honouree

  • Using GovCMS has been a great experience...I’ve also been impressed by the stability of the platform. Knowing that GovCMS looks after security patching, gives me peace of mind.

    Adam, Website Manager, Army.gov.au, Australian Department of Defence

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