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Designed by government, for government. Our goal is to help you deliver and maintain secure, modern and user-friendly websites. GovCMS is community-based, but don't just take our word for it.

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Testimonials 1 & 2

  • I feel confident my website will always be available to customers

    'Our website has critical information for many Australians and a lot of traffic. It's important that our content is always available. The guarantee that our website’s uptime is 99.95% is the major drawcard for us. GovCMS continues to prove its worth to our organisation.'

    Charlie, Communications Manager
    Commonwealth Government

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  • I have peace of mind knowing my website is secure and compliant

    'Engaging GovCMS to support our website has been an easy choice for our organisation. Our SES feel secure in knowing that our website is tested and maintained to meet government standards. It is protected to reduce the risk from cyber threats. I appreciate the simple to use, modern design tools that help us meet the Digital Service Standards.'

    Tanya, Security Manager
    Commonwealth Government

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Testimonials 3 & 4

  • I am impressed with the 24 hour a day support for critical issues

    'In the event of an emergency, I need to update our organisation's website. Since migrating to GovCMS, we have noticed a big difference to the level of customer support on offer. Having someone available to help with critical (technical) issues 24-hours a day is invaluable. We also make use of the GovCMS Community to help solve problems that pop up with our website.'

    Ryan, Web Developer
    Commonwealth Government

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  • Drupal is a valuable tool for a small team

    ‘We reuse Drupal website features built by other government departments. This is a huge bonus for a small team like ours. At the end of the day, this saves us resources’

    Brett, Web team leader
    Commonwealth Government.

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Testimonials 5 & 6

  • I save time and money with GovCMS

    'I'm from a small organisation, we don’t have the resources or skills to manage our website. Moving to GovCMS has saved us time and money. We chose the managed service (Software as a Service), which allows us to focus on our core business. With the User Interface kit, we stood up our website with our own branding, quickly and easily. All we have to look after now is the content and some website requirements and GovCMS takes care of the rest.'

    Daphney, Policy Officer
    State Government

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  • Creating a usable, accessible and unique website

    'Usability and accessibility is important to us so the Australian Government Design System and the Digital Service Standards were great resources for ensuring our website met the highest standards. We were still able to customise components of the design system for a unique website that reflects our agency.'

    Steven, Project Officer
    Local Government

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Testimonials 7 & 8

  • Our website meets accessibility requirements

    ‘Accessibility was is of the most important requirements for our website. We used the Australian Government Digital Service Standards. Our website allows people to navigate our site through the tab key, we have text alternatives for our videos, use alt text and more. Our hard work has paid off and we received accessibility level WCAG 2.1 AA.

    Kathryn, Head of ICT
    Commonwealth Government

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  • I use the GovCMS Community to share ideas and solve problems

    'We use the GovCMS Community to share ideas with others working in similar roles. GovCMS is changing the culture of government to become more collaborative. In the past we've felt isolated, not being able to connect and find support from people working in the same field. The community has saved us time, as we use it to troubleshoot small issues with our website. The events are an opportunity to connect with others who use the platform and share knowledge.'

    Commonwealth Government Agency

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