GovCMS wants to help.

That's why we've pulled together this list of resources from GovCMS and elsewhere to help you create and host websites that are secure, modern and accessible.

Support Information


Pricing information
Find out more about our pricing plans and their inclusions.

Memorandum of Understanding
Get more information on the MOU process with GovCMS.

GovCMS Community
Learn more about the GovCMS Community and how to join.

About Drupal 10
Get information on GovCMS's move to Drupal 10.

Platform Status
Check the status of the GovCMS Platform and subscribe to updates.

GovCMS Knowledge Base
Self service library of information for logged in customers.

Content Administration manual
Access the training manual from our Content Administration course.

Site Builder manual
Access the training manual from our Site Builder course.

GovCMS Glossary
Find definitions for common GovCMS terms.

Forms and Templates


Eligibility Checklist
GovCMS is by Government, for Government. Check if you're eligible to use GovCMS using this form.

Contact Us form
Using our Contact us form is the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with the GovCMS team.

GovCMS Privacy Impact Assessment template
GovCMS provides this PIA template as a starting point for use by agencies on the GovCMS platform.

Example Memorandum of Understanding
This is an example MOU, if you'd like to proceed with joining GovCMS, Contact Us for a copy of the up to date MOU.

Drupal Services Panel

Drupal Services Panel Product and Services Guide
This guide outlines the two categories of services available, allowing you to customise your contract to suit your project, read the guide to find out more.

Drupal Services Panel Request for Quote template
You need to use our Request for Quote template to help define your statement of requirements when approaching the panel.

Drupal Services Panel Contract Order Form template
Once you have chosen your supplier, you will need to draft a contract using our Contract Order Form template. 

Drupal Services Panel Change Order Form template
If you need to make changes during the project use our Change Order form template to define your new requirements. 

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