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What is GovCMS? GovCMS is a whole of government content management system and web hosting service. It was developed by government, for government.

But what does that mean?

Let’s start with Content Management System or CMS for short.

Content management systems are software that make it easier to author web content. 

Built on Drupal an open-source software used by over a million websites globally. GovCMS has a flexible front end with fast and efficient editing tools that allow organisations to update their websites as needed ensuring their information is accurate and up to date, without needing a team of developers on site.

Web hosting on the other hand is what delivers the content, for example the website, and makes it available on the internet. For a website to be available online, the data, including the code content and graphics need to be housed on a server. Web hosting services such as GovCMS have access to servers to house websites in Australian data centres.

As part of our Software-as-a-Service web hosting plans, also known as SaaS, we also maintain the security application software, and infrastructure of a website to ensure that the website stays up and running using the best practices in security to meet the standards set by the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

For customers using our Platform-as-a-Service plans, also known as PaaS, we maintain the infrastructure of the platform. While maintenance of the application and security are the responsibility of the agency meaning they need more technical resources to support their website. This allows PaaS agencies more flexibility around what extensions they can use on their website.

By using a service like GovCMS, you’re taking advantage of an economy-of-scale.

Meaning that because we provide these services to more than 100 departments and public sector organisations across all levels of government in Australia, we can spread the cost of running and hosting websites across all agencies. Providing agencies on our smallest and cheapest hosting plans, with the same level of support and security as our largest customers.

GovCMS takes the guesswork out of setting up and maintaining modern, responsive and accessible websites.

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