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Welcome to the GovCMS Content Administration Training series. Hi, I’m Ivan from Salsa Digital and in this video,  you’ll learn how to create, edit and archive content in GovCMS.

We’ll cover the following three topics:

  • You’ll learn how to create content from the content management area

  • You’ll learn how to edit existing content

  • You’ll learn how to archive content once it’s no longer needed

Create content

So far in this video series we’ve covered how to access the content form, we talked about the different content types and fields and we’ve covered how to use the rich text editor. Now let’s go ahead and create some actual content. Because at the end of the day this is a content management system. So make sure you’re in the content management area and click on “Add content”, and let’s create a “Standard page”.

  • Let’s enter in a title, I’ll enter in “Contact us”

  • I’ll paste in some dummy text

  • And let’s go ahead and add a feature image

  • And from the “Save as”, let’s select “Needs review” — we’ll cover content moderation in another video but for now just select “Needs review” and click on Save.

Edit content

At this point, we’ve created a page but now let’s look at editing the page. If you’re currently on the page, to modify or edit, just click on Edit. You can also edit the page from the content management area.

  • Click on content in the toolbar

  • And from the operations columns click on Edit

  • Both links will take you to the same form.

Now, I should mention that this page isn’t published yet. If we open up another browser and go to the page, we’ll get an access denied message. And if we go to the content management area, we can see that the page isn’t published yet, and we can see that our contact us page has a status of “Unpublished”. But, if we want this to be published:

  • Edit the page

  • And change the “Save as” to Published. If you can’t see “Published” first change the status to “Needs review”.

But as I mentioned this earlier we’ll cover this in another video. Now you can see that the page we created is published.

Archive content

At some point in the future, you’ll need to archive content in GovCMS. Archiving a page will simply unpublish it. It won’t delete it. So you can always come back and restore the content. So let’s edit the contact us page which we created. Scroll down to “Change to” and select Archived. Now you can see the page is unpublished.T o restore the page, just edit and save the page. The state will be changed then to Draft.


Let’s now recap what we covered in this video. First, you learnt how to create content from the content management area  Then we looked at how to edit content and finally, we looked at how to archive content.