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Finding a developer

Your organisation may need help to build a new website or migrate an existing one.

GovCMS hosting plans don't cover the cost of building, modifying or migrating websites. However, there are a number of service providers who can help get your website off the ground. 

Find out below how your organisation can procure Drupal expertise. 

The GovCMS Drupal Services Panel

We created the Drupal Services Panel to help your team help itself. The current Drupal Services Panel has 17 GovCMS approved Drupal specialists. 

There are a range of different types of suppliers on the panel including small digital agencies, large multinational enterprises, and an Indigenous-owned company. Some of the suppliers have one or more sub-contractors they can call upon, and several have access to resources located around the world. As a buyer, it’s your choice whether sub-contractors or overseas personnel are used. The Drupal Services Panel Product and Services Guide has all the information you need to start identifying who you’d like to work with.

This document also outlines what products and services you can get through the panel and will help you research and compare suppliers, simplifying the contract management process for you, and your organisation.  

GovCMS also provide the Request for Quote, Contract Order Form and Change Order Form templates for use during contracts with Drupal Services Panel suppliers, making it easy to manage your contract from start to finish.   

Supply Nation service providers

You may choose to engage Indigenous ICT specialists by searching the Supply Nation panel of pre-verified businesses

The Digital Marketplace

Run your own procurement process and approach the market directly. There are suppliers on the Digital Marketplace that have experience developing Drupal projects. The marketplace is managed by the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA). 

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