Migrating your website

Migrating to the GovCMS platform

Here’s what you’ll need to consider to make your migration to the GovCMS platform as smooth as possible. GovCMS hosts Drupal websites only. If you want to migrate an existing website that's not built on Drupal you’ll need to rebuild it.

Which GovCMS plan is best for you?

We can host your project for you while you rebuild your website. You don't need to lock in your SaaS or PaaS plan before you get started on your migration. You might choose to start with a development plan and finalise things later in your project.

GovCMS hosting plans don't cover the costs of building, modifying or migrating your website. If you need help migrating an existing website or can see opportunities to modernise and redesign your website, talk to us.

If you're going to use the SaaS hosting option, you need to arrange migration of your website with us. We do this for you, but make sure you leave plenty of lead time. The onboarding team will provide additional information and the steps you need to take.

If you use unsupported modules you'll have to choose PaaS hosting. You need to manage more of the migration process yourself. For PaaS customers, GovCMS will set up your project, user accounts, and give access to your developers or your service provider. You're responsible for migrating your website on the platform. You''ll need to arrange security certificates and testing, and conduct your own IRAP assessment and accreditation. The more customised your website is, the more testing you need to do and you will have a bigger security assessment.

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