Our BETA area is full of products and information that we're working on for the GovCMS website. Here you can try our new features and provide feedback so we can improve them.


Here is where we put beta tools designed to help you self-serve with some of our material. There are currently no new tools in beta. 

How Do I...

These are high level processes to help you understand how we approach certain activities.

Coming attractions

These are what we're currently working on to improve our offerings on the GovCMS website. 

  • PaaS Estimator

    Get an estimated price for a Platform as a Service (PaaS) hosted site

  • SaaS or PaaS Helper

    This tool will help you consider offerings, cost and considerations between choosing a SaaS or PaaS hosting solution with GovCMS.

  • Move a Drupal site to GovCMS

    Got an existing Drupal site? Looking to move it to GovCMS? This is the guide for you

  • Migrate a site to GovCMS

    Looking to move an existing site to GovCMS? Here's a guide in where to start

  • Go live to the public

    Your site has been built, it's been tested and is ready for the public to see - here's how you go about it!

  • Move from SaaS to PaaS

    Need more functionality with PaaS? SaaS sites can be moved to SaaS sites, with caveats

  • Decommission a website

    Your site is at end of life, how do you decommission it from the GovCMS platform

Moved to Live

These are BETA products that have made it to the big time - the live part of the GovCMS website!

Get Involved

GovCMS is interested in your feedback on all aspects of our offering.

  • User research sessions

    Register your interest to attend a user research session

  • Suggestion box

    Got something that you would like to see as part of GovCMS? Are we doing a good job? Could we make something easier, clearer? Let us know by filling in our suggestion box form

  • Beta Changelog

    See the changes we've made to material within the Beta part of the site. Updated regularly as we improve our offerings and work through feedback and user research

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