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Our online community

GovCMS is more than a whole of government website service. It’s a community to share, innovate and learn. It’s access to a global open source network.

We understand implementing, maintaining and improving websites requires regular attention. There are new hurdles, changes in design trends and technology and content to keep up-to-date. It’s exhausting. Reach out to the GovCMS Community to share ideas, innovate and solve problems.


To join our online community, simply register for GovTEAMS through your agency, and search for GovCMS. If your agency hasn’t signed up to GovTEAMS, contact us for an invitation.

Community events

GovCMS is not all business, there are a number of community events throughout the year. Events provide an opportunity for you to connect with others working in the digital space.

Week Online

We've taken on board the lessons we’ve learnt over the last year of hybrid working and videoconferencing and designed Week Online. These are series' of short, 60 to 90 minute online events. These events don't just provide an overview on some highly relevant topics, they also bring the community together and provide opportunities for the community to get involved, share their discoveries and make lasting connections.

Live Q&A

Live Q&A's provide an opportunity for the community to chat about the priorities, opportunities or challenges you’re currently facing. Our community is built on an open ethos. If we all share our plans, questions and concerns with others in the community, we can solve problems and build digital expertise across agencies. 

This event is suitable for anyone in, or interested in joining, the GovCMS community.

Technical Workshop

Our Technical Workshops are regular events aimed at those operating in technical roles. 

Hosted by GovCMS and run by volunteers from agencies and in house experts. They offer space to collaborate, innovate and share experiences. Join an upcoming event, propose a topic, or volunteer to run a workshop of your own.

This event is suitable for GovCMS customers operating in a technical space.

Upcoming events

Check out what's on in the community on our events page.

This page was last updated on Thursday 16 September 2021