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GovCMS is more than a whole of government web hosting service. It’s a growing community where we innovate, learn and solve problems.

Joining the GovCMS community provides access to a global, open source network of people with skills, experience and expertise to share.

And best of all, it’s completely free.

You don’t need to be a current customer of GovCMS to join.


The GovCMS community connects on GovTEAMS.

Created as a place to share information and establish connections across the digital community, it’s grown to include places to advertise and find events and job opportunities from across the community.

The GovCMS community on GovTEAMS is constantly evolving. It’s a space where you can get in touch with your fellow community members, get involved in surveys and user research, or simply stay informed or ask a question.

GovTEAMS offers a broad range of apps and features to support collaboration and communication, supporting GovCMS in the development of digital skills across government.

Join us on GovTEAMS and realise the full potential of being a member of the GovCMS community.

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GovCMS host regular events throughout the year for GovCMS community members and guests. These events are hosted live on GovTEAMS and provide everything from networking opportunities, to training and updates.

We believe in iterative development and continuous improvement. So our range of events is always changing. Our current line-up of events includes:


Our FUNdamentals event series is designed to support community members with limited technical expertise and experience. These events walk participants through simple content administration and site building tasks that require limited to no prior experience with Drupal or Content Management Systems. FUNdamentals events cover topics such as building a contact us form, setting a sitewide notification, and adding a content type.

Technical Workshops

Our Technical Workshops are aimed at those who work on the technical side of Drupal and GovCMS. They cover best practice advice and include live demonstrations of aspects of the GovCMS platform. Previous topics covered in Technical Workshops include setting up a local environment, user roles and responsibilities and the Drupal Migrate Module.

Live Q&As

GovCMS host Live Q&A events every quarter. These events are an opportunity for you to get an update from GovCMS, ask questions and talk about what’s important, and to connect with the wider GovCMS community.

Week Online

Due to COVID-19 we have been unable to host our annual “Mega-meetups” and celebrate our yearly anniversary with our community in person.

In light of this and in an effort to avoid online event fatigue, GovCMS now host Week Online. Our Week Online events include several short online events over the course of an entire week. This allows you to pick and choose the events that are relevant to you. With interactive and informative events for everyone, Week Online provides the perfect chance for the community to reconnect online.

Upcoming events

02:00pm - 03:00pm
Decorative image
Wed 8 Dec

Join GovCMS for our second FUNdamentals event on setting a site-wide notification on your GovCMS website. 

09:30am - 03:00pm
Decorative image
Sat 1 Jan

Site Builder training teaches you how to build or extend a GovCMS SaaS website.

09:30am - 12:00pm
Decorative image
Sat 1 Jan

Content Administrator training teaches you the basics of publishing, editing and maintaining content on your GovCMS Drupal 9 website.


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Distributed to our subscribers monthly and published on our website, the Agency Update provides updates from GovCMS on current projects and priorities.

The Agency Update also includes case studies, best practice advice, and tips and tricks on all things GovCMS.

Subscribing to the Agency Update newsletter means you’ll also be subscribed to receive invitations for events, user research opportunities and more.

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This page was last updated on Friday 26 November 2021