For suppliers

Things you need to know to sell govCMS-related services

How do agencies source additional services?

Government agencies must buy their govCMS hosting plan directly from the Department of Finance, but many agencies need extra help to redevelop or migrate their website. Most choose one of the following options to get this work done:

  1. Some agencies have internal resources who can do this work, often supplemented by contractors and other experts
  2. Agencies can engage another agency, including the Department of Finance, to build and migrate their site
  3. Agencies can approach the market directly, seeking quotes or tender responses, and choose a supplier
  4. Agencies can use the Deed of Standing Offer that is in place between the Department of Finance and our main contractor, Acquia Inc.

It is up to each agency to assess if a service offering meets their needs and offers value for money.

Tips for selling govCMS-related services

We suggest that suppliers engage with agencies through their normal channels for govCMS-related work.

Those with Drupal skills and experience, familiarity with the govCMS distribution, and/or some involvement with the broader Drupal community will be well placed to work on govCMS development projects.

Suppliers and their government customers can contact the govCMS team team about hosting requirements, and for various development, deployment and maintenance options. Projects with a high volume of websites, or requiring new modules, should also contact the govCMS team for more information.

Coming soon: govCMS Drupal Service Panel

These arrangements will be simplified in 2017, with the establishment of the govCMS Drupal Services Panel.

The process begins with the release of the govCMS Drupal Services Panel Request for Tender (RFT).

This panel is designed to:

  • reduce the cost of the supply of these services to agencies
  • continue to meet the business needs of agencies
  • contribute to a competitive and viable industry
  • result in fair, equitable and transparent processes; and
  • optimise government savings by reducing costs and improving efficiencies

The services detailed come under two main categories:

  • General services – ranging from solution design to documentation - all tenderers must respond to this category
  • Fixed price services – ranging from advisory services to technical support - fixed price services are optional, and tenderers may scope and price their services to be beyond the minimum requirements.

A detailed description of the services is set out in Part E - Statement of Requirement of the request for tender

The Tender has now closed.

All enquiries regarding this Tender must be directed to the Tender Officer at drupalservicestender [at]

Suppliers who are added to the panel will be able to start working with govCMS customers from early 2017. The Department of Finance will manage and oversee the panel and looks forward to establishing a strong collaborative relationship with all successful tenderers.

Additional information is available on the govCMS online community where we are providing public updates on the progress of the panel.

All work carried out under the panel will be delivered according to the Australian Government Commonwealth Procurement Rules. For information about these rules and selling to government, please visit