We're sorry to see you go. Projects change over time and Machinery of Government (MoG) changes can mean a site is no longer required or needs to be moved to a new team. We're here to guide you through this process. 

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Exit Checklist
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Remember you can contact us at anytime for advice

Raise a Service Desk Ticket

To let us know you want to decommission your project or website, you need to raise a ticket online through the GovCMS service desk. Do this at least two weeks in advance to avoid unnecessary delays and ongoing costs.

For more information on how to decommission your project, access the below article by logging into the GovCMS Knowledge Base:

We are decommissioning our site

Payments and service credits

If you are not on the right plan or if your payments are not up to date, you may receive an invoice for any amounts outstanding.

If you’re leaving GovCMS before your proposal term is up, you may be entitled to a pro-rated service credit for any unused time on the platform. This service credit can be applied to any other projects you have on the GovCMS platform. Please note that GovCMS does not provide refunds.

Contact us for more information on final payments and service credits.

Obtain copies of website backups

The ability to take backups is included in all of our plans. GovCMS recommends you take a backup of your website project before your site is decommissioned.

For the process on how to obtain backups, access the below article by logging into the GovCMS Knowledge Base:

How to create backups of the database and files of your site

Exit interview

It’s optional but having an exit interview with the GovCMS team supports us to provide a better product and service. It won’t take long and will help us better understand your reasons for leaving. Contact us to organise an interview before you leave. 

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