Drupal services panel

Making it easier for all government agencies to build, maintain and support Drupal sites.

The Department of Finance created the panel so government agencies can buy Drupal services using simplified contract management arrangements. Approved suppliers on the panel include small and medium enterprises and individuals with Drupal and GovCMS expertise.

The panel can be used by Australian Government, state or territory government, local government, government educational institutions and other government bodies.

Contact the GovCMS team for a copy of the Services Catalogue which lists available services and costs.

Approved suppliers

There are 21 approved suppliers on the GovCMS Drupal Services Panel:

  • Bliss Media
  • Catalyst IT Australia
  • PreviousNext
  • EY Digital (formerly Adelphi Digital Consulting Group)
  • Cogent Business Solutions
  • Digital Garden
  • Avanade Australia (formerly Loud & Clear Creative)
  • Ice Media
  • OPC IT
  • Acquia Inc
  • Hind & Hind
  • Zyxware
  • Morpht
  • Oxide Interactive
  • Itomic
  • Doghouse Group
  • Technocrat
  • FinXL Professional Services
  • Keltree – trading as IBC Digital
  • Salsa Digital
  • Oakton

What's on offer?

Buy Drupal services based on specific skill sets, service packages or a mixture of both.

Buy a skill set

Engage suppliers with specific skills sets:

  • Solution design and technical architecture advisory services
  • Drupal application programming services
  • Build and migration services
  • Quality assurance services
  • Integration services
  • Application support services
  • Documentation services
  • Agile services


Buy a service package

Buy a number of service packages at a fixed price:

  • Website assessments and advisory services - 1, 3 and 5 day workshops to help you plan your project
  • Website re-hosting and installation - perfect if you've already got a Drupal website and want to use GovCMS PaaS hosting
  • Drupal theme development and enhancement - create the look and feel for your site, or make some changes
  • Content migration and consolidation - great for moving content from your old website to your new Drupal site
  • Site audits and technical reviews - for existing Drupal sites that might need some fine-tuning
  • On-going Drupal application support - blocks of hours you can use over time, including after-hours support

Mix and match

Buy multiple service packages to deliver a larger scope of work; or mix and match services from different suppliers to take advantage of different specialist skills, specific periods of availability, or commercial discounts.

Full details of services and packages are available from the Services Catalogue. Prices shown in the catalogue are maximum prices, discounts can be offered on a contract-by-contract basis.

What's not on offer?

  • service packages not found in the Services Catalogue
  • partial delivery of a service package with multiple providers
  • development of non-Drupal websites
  • user research that's not part of a Drupal project
  • content editing and writing

Let's get started

Download an infographic for an overview of the following steps.



Contact the GovCMS team for a copy of the Services Catalogue.



Approach the panel

Define your statement of requirements, then complete the requirements template and approach the panel for quotes. The project scope is the responsibility of the buyer, not the supplier; and not the GovCMS team or the Department of Finance.


Evaluate quotes

Suppliers bid for projects by providing a quote and will include a draft work order, or statement of work. A supplier may offer discounts on a contract-by-contract basis and the buyer can also seek to negotiate a cheaper rate. You are required to make your own value for money assessment on quotes received.


Prepare a draft contract

Draft a contract using the template provided under this panel and add to it as needed. Make sure the contract is correct and reflects all activities being bought from the supplier(s) and anything that's excluded e.g. work you're going to do yourself.

Before signing the contract, send all draft contracts to the GovCMS team for approval. Contracts cannot be executed without a unique tracking number provided by the GovCMS team.

Once the supplier has signed and executed the contract, countersign the contract and send a copy back to the supplier. Within 7 business days, a copy must also be sent to the GovCMS team.


Project kick off

The project can now start. Make sure to manage the delivery and acceptance of the services defined in the contract.


Project finish

If your project includes migration to GovCMS hosting, either SaaS or PaaS, there is an extra step required to finish your project. The GovCMS team manages the SaaS platform and is responsible for
coordinating the upload, configuration and launch of all new websites.

  • Agencies using GovCMS hosting must have an active subscription and will be assigned a GovCMS account manager.
  • If you've just migrated an existing site or launched a new one, it's great to have you on board.

Questions about the panel?

Contact the GovCMS team.

How do I get on the panel?

The Department of Finance will inform the community if and when there is a refresh of the panel. You can subcontract through a supplier on the panel; this a commercial decision.

Ready to use the panel?

Contact the GovCMS team for further information.
If your request is urgent, please ensure you tell us up front in your message.