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GovCMS Training

Do you have a technical role in your team or maybe you’re responsible for content and want to know more? We offer Content Administration and Site Builder training in a range of formats to meet your needs. We can also provide customised training in specific areas of Drupal.

Online training material

These resources are available to everyone:

Content Administration manual

Site Builder manual

Training videos

Our online training materials are interactive. You can edit content, provide feedback and request new topics. Your input supports our commitment to continuous improvement. It also helps strengthen the knowledge of the GovCMS Community. More information is available in our Contributing and Feedback Guide.

Training calendar

09:30am - 12:00pm
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Fri 23 Dec

Content Administrator training teaches you the basics of publishing, editing and maintaining content on your GovCMS Drupal 9 website.

09:30am - 03:00pm
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Sat 24 Dec

Site Builder training teaches you how to build or extend a GovCMS SaaS website.

Training formats

Face to face training

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have postponed this training format. We hope to offer it again soon.

Online training

Content Administration and Site Builder training sessions are led by a facilitator via the Microsoft Teams platform. 

The duration of these sessions are:

  • Content Administration - 4 days (one 2-hour session per day)
  • Site Builder - 4 days (two 2-hour sessions per day)

The cost to attend a session is:

  • Online Content Administration - $600.00 ex GST
  • Online Site Builder - $1,200.00 ex GST

Non-corporate Commonwealth entities are not charged GST. If your organisation is not a non-corporate entity, you will be charged GST on top of the above fee.

Invoices will be sent to your nominated contact after you have attended an online training session.


Content Administration

Learn the basics for publishing, editing and maintaining content. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course outline

  1. Login to the administration area and access key areas,
  2. Create and manage content and content revisions,
  3. Create and manage files and media assets,
  4. Publish content and learn the GovCMS content moderation workflow,
  5. Manage content URLs, URL aliases and redirects,
  6. Use taxonomy to categorise content,
  7. Create online forms,
  8. Manage blocks of content and update site navigation,
  9. Manage content layout,
  10. Understand more about GovCMS and Drupal.

View the Content Administration training manual

Find upcoming Content Administration training

Site Builder

Learn how to build or extend a GovCMS SaaS website. This training is aimed at more experienced users, experienced with Drupal and/or other web content management systems.

Course outline

  1. Extend default functionality in GovCMS Drupal to meet advanced functional requirements,
  2. Use URL path configuration to improve your site’s search,
  3. Show best practices for GovCMS8 site building,
  4. Configure automatically generated images and thumbnails,
  5. Configure both controlled vocabularies and free tagging with Taxonomy,
  6. Create advanced listings of content,
  7. Manage navigation through the GovCMS menu system,
  8. Maintain a secure and well-performing website.

View the Site Builder training manual

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Custom training

If you and your team need training in specific areas of Drupal, we can help. Fill out our custom training form to find out if we can help. 

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