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Drupal Services Panel

The Department of Finance established the current GovCMS Drupal Services Panel (DSP) in October 2021. This arrangement expires on 30 September 2024 with an optional 1-year extension. It’s likely the Department of Finance will refresh the panel during this period. The timing of any refresh is not yet confirmed.  

The DSP is a list of approved suppliers including small to medium enterprises with the necessary skills to work with Drupal and the GovCMS platform. The panel was created to help organisations find Drupal specialists and to simplify contract management arrangements. 

Find out how you can access the Drupal Services Panel

Interested in Digital Experience Platform (DXP) tools and content personalisation?
As of November 2023 you can now access DXP providers through the GovCMS Drupal Services Panel.
Contact us to find out more.

What's on offer?

The Drupal Services Panel has two categories of services available, allowing you to customise your contract to suit your project.  

If you are looking to engage suppliers with specific skills sets, you can access services based on these specialised skills.  

Alternatively, there are predefined service packages which you can buy at a fixed price. There are also one, three and five day site assessment workshops available to help you plan your project. 

Combining the two

We understand that for some projects you may require services from multiple categories. Suppliers are able to quote from multiple categories in the same contract, or quote using the resources in category 1 (time and materials) to define tailored services similar to those available in category 2. 

You can also work with multiple suppliers to deliver one project, but you’ll need to consider the deliverables carefully as you will need separate contracts with each supplier. 

Read the Drupal Services Panel Product and Services Guide to find out more about what's on offer. 

Specialised skills

Specialist resources you can procure through the Drupal Services Panel include:  

  • Business Analysts 
  • Content Designers 
  • Delivery Managers / Scrum Masters 
  • Digital Art Designers 
  • Drupal Content Publishers 
  • Drupal Developers 
  • Front End Developers and Theme Builders 
  • Information Architects 
  • Solution Architects 
  • Technical Architects 
  • Testers 
  • User eXperience (UX) Designers 

Note: If you are ready to use the Drupal Services Panel and your request is urgent, please let GovCMS know as soon as possible.  

Service packages

The Drupal Services Panel includes predefined service packages which you can buy at a fixed price. 

You can choose to buy multiple service packages to deliver a larger scope of work or mix and match services from different suppliers to take advantage of different specialist skills, specific periods of availability, or commercial discounts. 

If you are working with multiple suppliers to deliver one project, you’ll need to consider the deliverables carefully as you will need separate contracts with each supplier. 

Look at the Drupal Services Panel Products and Services Guide to see full details of the services and packages on offer. Prices shown in the Products and Services Guide are maximum prices, however discounts may be offered on a contract-by-contract basis. Prices in the Products and Services Guide do not include GST.  

Note: If you are ready to use the Drupal Services Panel and your request is urgent, please let GovCMS know as soon as possible.  

What’s excluded

The Drupal Services Panel cannot be used to procure: 

  • development of non-Drupal websites 

  • user research that's not part of a Drupal project 

  • content editing and writing that’s not part of a Drupal project 

Approved panel suppliers

List of approved panel suppliers
Supplier ABN Website
Bliss Media Pty Ltd 86102513271  https://www.blissdigital.com.au/ 
Morpht Pty Ltd  51156310922  https://www.morpht.com/
OPC IT Pty Ltd  29008657618  https://opc.com.au/ 
Doghouse Group Pty Ltd  30109219490  https://doghouse.agency/
Conduct HQ Pty Ltd  37131214170  https://www.conducthq.com/ 
Ice Media Pty Ltd  32065027956  https://icemedia.com.au/ 
Kirra Services 
(The Trustee for Kirra Services Unit Trust)  
43206269375  https://kirraservices.com.au/
Annex Digital Pty Ltd   44619502117  https://annex.com.au/
Spoon Media Pty Ltd 91755773051 https://spoon.com.au/
PreviousNext Pty Ltd 69135290309 https://www.previousnext.com.au/
CRE8IVE Australasia Pty Ltd 32100650039 https://www.cre8ive.com.au/
Speedwell Pty Ltd 37110700920 https://speedwell.com.au/
Deloitte Consulting Pty Ltd 86611750648 https://www.deloittedigital.com.au/
NTT Australia Digital Pty Ltd 31100103268 https://hello.global.ntt/
CI&T Australia Pty Ltd 88643877347 https://ciandt.com/au/
Oxide Interactive 20138035195 www.oxideinteractive.com.au
Ernst & Young 75288172749 https://www.ey.com/en_au
Salsa Digital Pty Ltd 85676742328 https://salsa.digital/

Access the Drupal Services Panel

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