Development partners

Need help with your website?

The Drupal Services Panel are here to help build, modify or migrate your website.

Choosing a development partner

GovCMS hosting plans don't cover the cost of building, modifying or migrating your website. You may find you need extra help to build a new website or migrate your existing one. You may also want to supplement your internal resources with some extra technical support after you go live to develop and test website enhancements.

There are a few ways you can procure Drupal expertise to help you.

We created the Drupal Services Panel to help organisations find Drupal specialists and simplify contract management arrangements.  The panel has a price book you can use to easily compare suppliers. There are easy to use contract templates, and the GovCMS team will guide you through the process. The 19 suppliers have been reviewed and approved by us as having the right skills to work on GovCMS projects.

Alternatively, you can run your own procurement process and approach the market directly. Some of the suppliers on the Digital Marketplace have experience developing Drupal projects. The marketplace is managed by the Digital Transformation Agency.