Path to Drupal 10 update – How you can prepare

Tuesday 18 April 2023

We’re working towards a streamlined Path to Drupal 10 (D10) process to help minimise any impacts on you. The plan is to create the D10 distribution and ensure there is a smooth transition from Drupal 9 (D9) to D10. Don’t forget to visit our website for the latest information to help you Prepare for the D10 move, including tips, timelines and project updates.


10 February

Online D10 Information Session

27 February – 27 March

9.5 Core & CK Editor 5 Preview

17 March

Online D10 Information Session

28 March

Online Drupal Core 9.5 & CKEditor5 - GovCMS demonstration

Key priorities

We are rapidly approaching the D9-D10 automated upgrades, set to start in July 2023. Here’s the key priorities you need to know:


Book your preferred D9 – D10 SaaS upgrade timeslot


D10 Release Candidate available


GovCMS D10 Security Assessment


Launch GovCMS D10 Distribution


D9-D10 Automated Upgrade

30 September

Target all current D9 websites moved to D10


D9 retires – end-of-life

Book your preferred D9-D10 upgrade timeslot

Please schedule in your resources and book your preferred D9 to D10 upgrade timeslot now. If at any point you need to change your booking, just submit an updated booking request via the same form.

D10 preview environments

We will provide a D10 preview environment and an opportunity to test the functionality of your D10 project. Open for a short time, this is a great opportunity to test your D10 project and identify and fix any issues.

D9 to D10 automated upgrades

We’re aiming for all D9 sites to be upgraded to D10 between July-September 2023. Like our D8 to D9 upgrade, this will be a 3-step process:

  1. We will provide you a D10 environment,
  2. You will have a 2-week window to complete a final review of your website, and
  3. The site will be switched from D9-D10. During this 2-week period, there is no requirement for a content freeze on your website.

Path to D10 upgrade information sessions

We will be holding regular D10 online sessions to keep you informed of the process and provide opportunities for questions.

Recordings will be available from the Drupal 10 page on the GovCMS website. To access recordings, you must be a member of the GovCMS GovTEAMS Community. You can register for a GovTEAMS OFFICIAL account if you are a current Australian Public Service staff member or contractor.