James knows his website is in good hands

James, Drupal/GovCMS specialist and website Developer, Civil Aviation and Safety Authority

Tuesday 21 April 2020

James is a Website Developer at Civil Aviation and Safety Authority (CASA). As a SaaS customer, James knows his agency website is in safe hands with us.

‘Before managing a SaaS website, I was on call around the clock. I was ready to patch any issues that came up at any time,’ said James.

Now James leaves security patching and updates with us.

‘Knowing the CASA website is monitored 24/7 and live 99.95 per cent of the time on GovCMS is important. Our website provides updated content on vital aviation matters. It always needs to be accessible, nationally and internationally. We can’t afford to work on an unstable platform'.

Needing a stable platform, CASA migrated their Drupal 7 website to GovCMS five years ago. They needed somewhere that could handle large data feeds of around 35,000 pages a day.

James and his team are now planning to move the CASA website to Drupal 8.

‘Migrating the CASA website from the previous platform to GovCMS was fast. It didn’t, however, allow time for fancy additions or major changes. This time around we'll be undertaking a total rebuild. We'll work with our customers and stakeholders to create a modern and user friendly website.'

GovCMS can now hold information up to OFFICIAL: Sensitive, which is another advantage for James and his team.

‘The new accreditation means we can improve sections of our website significantly. One area we'll focus on is the reporting of unsafe drone operations. Being OFFICIAL: Sensitive means customers can include personal details, photos and videos to support their complaints. This is important because in some instances, their information could proceed to legal action and may be used in court.'

As a website developer in a small team, James appreciates the benefits of using Drupal open-source software.

‘I’ve had access to modules built or modified by other GovCMS customers. We wouldn't have otherwise had the time or budget to build these modules ourselves. I’m able to check how modules are used on other GovCMS websites, which gives me insight into their suitability for our site,

‘When I come across an issue, I always reach out to the GovCMS community for help. I can always contact the team too. When I was interested in using a particular module, the GovCMS team put me in contact with another organisation.'