Site builder training - Canberra (March 2020)

Event date

This two day course will provide you with the skills to build your own website. You will learn to manage media, construct calendars, build complex and dynamic queries of content and configure popular modules.


  • To get the most out of this course you will need to know how to:
  • configure and set up a basic Drupal/govCMS website
  • navigate administration area and manage essential tasks
  • install and configure modules
  • manage user roles and accounts

Learning outcomes

  • understand the capabilities of Drupal/govCMS
  • manage users and create user profiles
  • add and manage custom content
  • understand content references and relationships
  • configure event calendar, vocabularies, taxonomy, faceted search and thumbnails
  • customise content administration
  • manage content layout with Display Suite
  • maintain a secure and speedy website


Duration: Two days Cost: $1,500.00 (ex GST) Location: Canberra, ACT

Training registration details

Your first name
Your surname
Your phone number - 02 6222 2222
The agency or organisation you represent
A brief description of your current website responsibilities


Invoicing details

Invoices will be generated and sent to the below contact after the employee has attend their selected course.
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