GovCMS D10 March Information Session

Event date
Friday 17 March 2023 AEDT 11:30am to Friday 17 March 2023 AEDT 12:30pm
Session date changed

Please join me for the next Online D10 update held on GovTeams >> Click here to join the meeting

Make sure you stay informed with the latest information and are ready to take action. Some of the things we’ll be covering are:

  • Timeline
  • D9-D10 automated process
    • Update on what’s being automated
  • How you can prepare
  • 9.5 & CK Editor Preview process
    • Open discussion: how are you going?

Looking forward to seeing you online at the next update.

The session will recorded and the resources made available afterwards.

Post Session Resources

  • Session Recording

    The session was recorded on the GovTeams platform. You will need an account and access the GovCMS community to see the recorded session. 

  • Session Slide Deck

    The session slides for reference.

  • D10