Get started with GovCMS

There's a couple of steps to signing up with GovCMS. This process shows at a high level what it takes to sign up with GovCMS and get your site ready for development on the GovCMS platform.

New customers

Determine your eligibility

GovCMS is designed by government for government. That means not everyone can host their site on our platform. If you are a new to GovCMS and considering hosting your site with us, you should use our Eligibility Checklist to confirm whether you can.


Review and sign our Memorandum of Understanding

Before engaging in hosting arrangements, GovCMS and government agencies engaging to host with GovCMS need to sign up to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This is important so all parties are aware of their roles and responsibilities in arrangement.

A signed MOU is required before you can host your site with GovCMS. 

A signed MOU does not lock you into using GovCMS as your hosting provider. 

Note: An MOU is arranged at the agency level. If you already have sites hosted on GovCMS, you will not need to sign a new MOU. 

Note: Developers working on behalf of a government agency do not need to sign an MOU. Developer arrangements are between the Government agency looking to host and the Developer, as per the agency's procurement processes. 

All customers

Determine what hosting option will work for you

GovCMS has two hosting options. Depending on the needs of your site, preferences, budget and functionality can determine what your hosting arrangement.

Where you are looking to move an existing site, reviewing current functionality and future needs of the site will help you better understand your needs.

For new sites, considering what the site will look like, what tools or features are being sought to be included 

Regardless of creating a new site or moving an existing site, understanding the needs of your stakeholders and customers will play factors into your build and subsequently what hosting works best for you.

If you are unsure, contact the GovCMS team. 


Get an estimate

GovCMS can prepare an estimate to better inform your decisions, project documentation and budget. Importantly, GovCMS need information to help create the estimate:

  • How much monthly traffic (current or anticipated) the site will receive
  • Whether your site will be SaaS or PaaS hosted (see step 1 above)
  • Whether you will need a sandbox to build your site or not
  • Your anticipated timelines for your site's development and go live

For SaaS sites, you can get an estimate by using the SaaS Estimator to get a rough estimate of costs. You can get a PaaS estimate or a formal SaaS quote by filling in your information on our Contact us form. 


Review and sign your estimate

Once GovCMS has provided you an estimate you should review the material included, validating the information is correct and confirming within your agency any costs. 

If any changes are required, please return the estimate with changes, comments or queries. GovCMS will work with you to clarify or update any estimates.

Once you are satisfied with the estimate, your agency will need to provide delegate approval so we can progress your site. Ensure the estimate is returned with relevant approval. Once processed, GovCMS will begin provisioning your site. 


Your site is provisioned

We will provision your site on our GovCMS platform. We will create relevant tickets in our Service Desk so you can track the progress of provisioning. Relevant information will be communicated in these tickets and any questions about the process and access should be replied to in these tickets. Your site's development address, user accounts and access are provided in this process. 

This process involves GovCMS creating a site on our platform that starts with the base GovCMS distribution. A plain vanilla site for you to start with and build what you will. 


You begin your site build

Now that you have the keys to your site, you and your developers can begin building. From here, decisions on content, design and the build is up to you.

Once your build has been completed you should test your site, double check content and structure, prepare documentation on how your site works for those that will manage the site Confirm with the Service Desk about your planned Go Live date.

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