Agency update - October 2020

  • Drupal 9 October update

    Find out how we're progressing on the GovCMS D8 to D9 distribution.

    Event: the path to Drupal 9

    Limited places are available to attend our online Drupal 9 event. Get the latest information and ask us questions.

    New pricing

    New pricing applies from 1 November 2020 for new subscriptions and all renewals that start on or after that date. The increase will cover costs for additional security and infrastructure on the platform.

    Join our online classroom

    Are you responsible for website content and want to learn the basics? Maybe you have a technical role and want to advance your skills? We offer online training to meet your needs.

    Videos for visual learners

    Salsa Digital has created the first 7 of a suite of 24 videos. The videos are based on the Site Admin training manual. We expect to release the next batch of videos later this month. Training videos are available to everyone.

    Redesigning the ACSC’s website in Drupal 8

    Case study: To ensure their Drupal 7 website remained available during the build, the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s project team built the new Drupal 8 website in parallel.

    A tale of gargantuan scale

    DrupalGov 2020 will feature two presentations from GovCMS. Nathan will take you on a journey of reflection, fast iteration, and the ride of our lives! Joseph and Ruwan will present on the development of the GovCMS D9 distribution. Find out more about the event and the presentations.

    Meet the team – introducing Ruwan

    Meet Ruwan, he’s responsible for maintaining the GovCMS Drupal distributions. Ruwan explains the work involved and why we release updates so often.