A tale of gargantuan scale

Tuesday, 20 October, 2020

We’re presenting at DrupalGov 2020. Speaking to the theme ‘Adapting to change’, Nathan Wall will give a frank account of the impact 2020 has had on GovCMS, how the team adapted, and share some of his thoughts on the (new) future.

Joseph and Ruwan will speak about developing the Drupal 9 GovCMS distribution. Find out what’s in the distribution and what’s out. They will share the challenges and how you can help.

DrupalGov 2020 is combined with Drupal South this year. This event is dedicated to the Australian and New Zealand government sector. This year, DrupalGov is combined with the Drupal South conference as a virtual event and will be held from 4 to 5 November 2020. Tickets are still available on the registration page.


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