Drupal 9 March update

Tuesday 2 March 2021

So much has happened over the “quiet” Summer break!

GovCMS2.0.0-alpha1 was released on GitHub at the end of January 2021. You can keep up to date with the release plan by viewing our proposed release schedule on the GovCMS website.

We have also kicked off the security assessment on the distribution. Once that’s complete, we can officially launch the D9 Distro.

We’ve made a small difference to the naming conventions of our distributions. The GovCMSD9 technical distribution name in GitHub will be GovCMS2.x. We have done this to align with Drupal naming conventions for Drupal 9 and to get ready for the launch in April.
We have consolidated the distribution repositories in GitHub and Packagist in parallel with the launch of GovCMSD9 alpha version. The structure will now be:

Note: Due to the D7 architecture being so different to D8/D9 architecture - GovCMS D7 will remain as is in GitHub.

  • GovCMS/GovCMS
    • GovCMS-2.x development branch
    • GovCMS8-1.x development branch
  • GovCMS/Scaffold
  • GovCMS/Lagoon

We held a Path to D9 event on 9 February 2021. Post session resources are now available. Register your interest for the next Path to D9 event on 1 April 2021.

For our D8 customers, as you are aware, we are working towards a streamlined process to help minimise your efforts to move to D9. The plan is to complete all the D8-D9 the migrations between May and August 2021. You will have a 2-week time boxed opportunity to test your website and identify any issues. The booking form is now available

And lastly, if you’re interested to see how to locally test a D9 version of your D8 website, Alistair will be holding an online demonstration on 10 March 2021. Register your interest for technical workshops and other events through the GovCMS events page.