Agency update - September 2020

Wednesday 16 September 2020

Rebuilding your Drupal 7 website

What are your plans to get Drupal 9 ready? See how other agencies are progressing.

Drupal 9 update

Help test the first iteration of the GovCMS Drupal 9 (D9) distribution

Cyber resilience in an ever changing online landscape

Tune in to GovTEAMS for our first online Grassroots session. Learn about malicious cyber activity targeting your website and what it means to be cyber resilient.

Two-factor authentication

Agencies can now use their email as a secondary validation source for two-factor authentication. We recently spoke to agencies with Drupal 7 websites about two-factor authentication. We found 65 per cent of customers were aware of two-factor authentication. Customers appreciated the opportunity to find out more. When we engage with agencies with Drupal 8 websites in the coming weeks we aim to ensure they also have the information to implement two-factor authentication to protect their websites. More information about two-factor authentication.

Drupal Services Panel Product and Services Guide

The Drupal Services Panel has been extended to 30 June 2021. To request a copy of the updated Services Catalogue Contact Us. More information about the Drupal Services Panel.

Memorandum of Understanding for provision of GovCMS services (MOU)

We will be contacting you this month to re-sign your updated MOU. MOUs have been updated to reflect the IRAP accreditation of the GovCMS Platform (Unclassified to Official: Sensitive). We are also refining roles and responsibilities.

If you have any questions regarding the MOU changes, please Contact Us.

Quarterly Reviews of websites subscription

We will review website usage plans on a quarterly basis. This will enable us to be more proactive in ensuring you are on the appropriate subscription level. If your agency is at risk of exceeding your current plan, a member of the GovCMS team will contact you. More information about pricing plans.

Case study: Digital services transforming business operations

ARPANSA transformed the way they do business with the clever use of webforms. They also connected their website to a secure payment portal.

Meet the team — Introducing Kiona

Kiona is working on some exciting new developments in the training space. This includes online training manuals and videos.