Agency update - November 2021

Thursday 11 November 2021

Community Events

The GovCMS community is a large part of what makes GovCMS, GovCMS. We’re more than a whole of government web hosting service, we’re a growing community of individuals who come together to innovate, learn and solve problems across government.

So far this year, over 200 individuals from over 80 organisations have joined us at one, or more, of our community events. And 2021 is not done yet.

Drupal 9 November Update

Drupal 8 reached end of life on 2 November 2021.

New suppliers on the DSP

A further 7 suppliers have been added to the GovCMS Drupal Services Panel in November 2021. This means you now have more options to compare and choose from when deciding what’s right for your project. Making it even easier to make a value for money assessment. 

What’s in an MOU?

That which we call an MOU (or Memorandum of Understanding) by any other name, would be a formal agreement.

Meet the team - introducing Reece

It’s likely you’ve already met Reece. He is the one who helps onboard your website to the GovCMS platform and get it to go-live. Alongside onboarding, he plays an important role in answering your GovCMS enquiries. Reece hit the ground running when he joined our GovCMS onboarding team back in April.