Agency update - November 2020

Tuesday 17 November 2020

Penetration testing

Security is everyone’s responsibility so we encourage penetration testing (pen test). Before you begin, there are some important steps to follow. This includes notifying us. If you conduct a pen test without letting us know, there is a high chance we will view your test as an attack. This may cause undesired interruptions and delays to your pen testing exercise. Read more in our Penetration testing guide.

Making the shift to SaaS

If you’re considering moving your PaaS website to Drupal 9 it might also be time to reconsider SaaS.

What to expect when moving from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8?

Over a third of our D7 customers have told us they plan to move to D8 in the lead up to the release of the D9 GovCMS distribution. What differences should you expect to see between the distributions?

National Museum of Australia launch online education initiative on GovCMS

The National Museum of Australia (NMA) has launched their digital classroom on GovCMS Drupal 8. It is an innovative and timely initiative in a year which has highlighted the value of online learning.