Making the shift to SaaS

Tuesday, 17 November, 2020

Before joining the GovCMS team, Alistair was the website manager for the Department of Finance where he moved four D7 PaaS websites to D8 SaaS subscriptions.

‘The moves from D7 to D8 involved full rebuilds. This provided the opportunity to rethink the websites. During planning exercises, we asked ourselves what we wanted to achieve with our websites and what our stakeholders expected of us. We also thought about the time we had available, our priorities and our capabilities. Through this exercise we realised we really didn’t need the extra functionality that PaaS enabled on many of our websites,’ said Alistair.

‘One of the greatest benefits was moving from having to update and perform security patching to being completely hands off. I was able to ensure I was always aware of security patches and other work relating to my websites by registering at’

Alistair and his team found it took a lot less resources to manage their websites. This allowed them to focus on other priorities. As well as saving on time and resources, Alistair also made savings to his budget.

‘Reconsidering SaaS was a good move. The team still use PaaS for some websites which have a specific need, however, they are now planning to move three more PaaS websites to SaaS.’

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