Technical workshop - Online (February 2021)

This session is now closed. 

Event date
Thursday 4 February 2021 2:00pm to Thursday 4 February 2021 3:00pm

Post session resources are now available. 

We’re seeking interest from the GovCMS Community in monthly workshops aimed at people working in the technical space. We hope those with technical expertise will embrace the opportunity to collaborate, innovate and share their experience.  A few agencies have already put their hand up to run a workshop. The more volunteers the better, so let us know if you would like to get involved.  

Alistair from GovCMS will kick off the first workshop via GovTEAMS, 2pm, 4 February, 2021. He will speak about changes to user roles and responsibilities, why they’ve changed and what this means for you.   

Other potential topics include; moving from PaaS to SaaS and partnering with us for Drupal 9 (D9) testing.

Post Session Resources

  • The session slides for reference.

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