What's in an MOU?

Thursday 11 November 2021

That which we call an MOU (or Memorandum of Understanding) by any other name, would be a formal agreement. In the case of GovCMS, the MOU is a formal agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia, represented by the Department of Finance (Finance), and another government department or agency, for buying GovCMS services.

Finance enters into contracts on behalf of other agencies, and obtains rights and benefits under these arrangements. To facilitate Finance acting on another agency’s behalf, and to extend some of these contractual rights and benefits to buyers, there must be a signed agreement (MOU) in place between Finance and the organisation ultimately using the services. 

The MOU sets out the terms and conditions between the parties for hosting websites on GovCMS. It contains information relating to the provision and scope of services, security and privacy provisions, support arrangements and roles and responsibilities. 

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