Welcome to the new year

Monday 4 January 2021

Welcome back to work, we hope you had a well-deserved break. We’re refreshed and looking forward to a busy and exciting new year. Here’s a sneak peak of some of what we have planned:

  • Refreshing the Drupal Services Panel. As part of consultation on the RFT, you’re invited to provide feedback on the draft version of the GovCMS Drupal Services Panel - Statement of Requirements (2021).
  • Technical workshops aimed at people working in the technical space start 2pm, 4 February 2021. Alistair from GovCMS will speak at the first workshop about changes to user roles and responsibilities.
  • We’ve updated our MOUs. They are due back by COB, Friday 29 January 2021. If you require more time please contact the GovCMS team
  • The GovCMS Drupal 9 distribution is on track to be released in April this year. We hope a pre-release version will be available soon so you can start building your website. We’ll also be running the next Drupal 9 online event in early February. 
  • Online training opportunities will continue to expand. We’ve released a new schedule of Site Builder and Content Administration training. We will also expand our library of online training videos. You’re welcome to contribute your feedback and suggest new topics.