Using GovCMS support resources

Tuesday 12 July 2022

Finding the right support resources can be time consuming. To help you find the right support, we’ve put together a quick overview of the different tools and resources available. 
GovCMS Service Desk
Our GovCMS Service Desk is designed to help customers with the GovCMS distribution, hosting platform and platform/permission restrictions. All tickets that are received by our Service Desk are triaged, assessed and responded to accordingly. 
Knowledge Base

Our GovCMS Knowledge Base is a self-service option that has hundreds of articles written by members of our Service Desk team. The purpose of these articles is to help you solve your problems relatively quickly without needing to raise a Service Desk ticket. We recommend searching our Knowledge Base before raising any tickets to avoid spending additional time waiting for a response. We’re also keen for feedback on existing articles and suggestions for new ones, so please let us know in a Service Desk ticket. 
GovCMS Website
The GovCMS website holds a variety of content that is aimed at potential, new and continuing customers. This content includes but is not limited to pricing, training, news and events, contact us form and a website gallery. If you are an existing customer, this website is a great starting point for those who would like to catch-up on the latest GovCMS news, or register for upcoming events and training.
GovCMS distribution on GitHub 
The GovCMS distribution is built by government for government. If you are looking to request new functionality or features for GovCMS, start here. You can raise your own ‘issues' or leave comments and vote for existing open items. You will need a GitHub account to create or comment on issues, but it’s free.
GovCMS Community on GovTEAMS
Our GovCMS GovTEAMS community is a place to share information and network with the community. It is a place where you can network, help each other, share job opportunities and find upcoming events and training. 

GovCMS Agency Update 
Our GovCMS newsletter, also known as the GovCMS Agency Update, are monthly updates that can include events, top tips, agency case studies, content management system updates and changes coming to the platform. 
If none of these resources provide you with the information you need reach out through our Contact Us form