Training Videos

Tuesday 8 June 2021

As part of its open and reusable ethos, GovCMS are working with suppliers to create training content that is available to everyone, 24/7.

In 2020 GovCMS and Salsa Digital worked closely to develop a series of 22 Content Administration training videos based on the GovCMS Drupal 8 distribution. Available to everyone, these videos are just one of the many methods of training GovCMS provide to our community.

This series of 22 videos includes walkthroughs on a range of topics, including how to:

These videos can provide standalone instruction, or can be used in conjunction with the GovCMS Content Administration training manual, or live training sessions.

The videos are a great resource you can refer back to time and time again, and soon there’ll be more.

GovCMS are working with our community to develop more training videos to cover more topics. As use of GovCMS and Drupal becomes more widespread, expertise is building within the community. We’re going to be creating more content that covers both technical and non-technical topics.

If you’re interested in creating training content for GovCMS, or have a topic you’d like to see covered, get in touch.

Not all new content has to follow the same format.

Walkthroughs, screencasts or recorded presentations about a favourite module, dev tool or a design feature of your site has could inspire others to share their experience too.

This is a fantastic opportunity to give back and support the wider GovCMS community.

Registrations are now open for all GovCMS online training courses for 2021, sign up now.