Path to Drupal 10 update

Monday 27 February 2023

We’re working towards a streamlined Path to Drupal 10 (D10) process to help minimise any impacts on you. The plan is to create the D10 distribution and ensure there is a smooth transition from Drupal 9 (D9) to D10.

We’re aiming for all D9 sites to be upgraded to D10 between July-September 2023. Similar to our Drupal 8 to D9 upgrade, we will provide you with a supportive environment and an opportunity to test the functionality of your D10 project. Open for a short time, this is a great opportunity to test your D10 project and identify and fix any issues.

How we are helping you

Excitingly, we have kicked-off the beginning of our automation and remediation theme smoke-tests on all the websites. What does that mean for you? Good news is – no action for you right now. You may have already noticed that we’ve started creating internal/drupal-10-compatibility branches in your project in GitLab. We will be running the D10 compatibility report multiple times as background CI processes, continually iterating to find new and improved automated fixes. Be assured that no fixes or changes are being applied to your production environment – this is purely smoke-testing your codebase to detect incompatibilities and building automatic resolution processes where possible. A D10 environment won’t be created for you to view until the D10 distribution is released.

We encourage you to follow along and monitor progress. You can do this by accessing the D10 compatibility report, available in GitLab. This report helps identify potential D10 theme issues with your D9 website. As a result of this theme smoke-testing, we will support you further by providing theme preview branches to help with the transition to D10. We acknowledge website themes remain the responsibility of agencies, but we are keen to lend a hand as much as we can.

Next step

The next big-ticket item for the upgrade process will be the Drupal Core 9.5 and CKEditor preview. Unlike other previews, this will partly be a fact-finding mission to understand the extent of how these two major changes impact your website. The preview branches will be built from 22 February 2023 and available to everyone from 27 February 2023 until 27 March 2023. In the first instance we are asking that you review the preview branch in the first 2 weeks of the preview window. The sooner we know how Core 9.5 and CKEditor 5 affect your website the better. Any fixes that are required are to be made in the preview branch. If you have any concerns, raise a Service Desk ticket at

Path to D10 upgrade information sessions

We will be holding regular D10 upgrade sessions to keep you informed of the process and provide opportunities for questions. All sessions will be recorded so don’t worry if you are unable to attend. Recordings will be available from the GovCMS website: To access recordings, you must be a member of the GovCMS GovTEAMS Community. You can register for a GovTEAMS OFFICIAL account if you are a current Australian Public Service staff member or contractor.

The next session with be held on Friday 10 March 2023 from 11:00AM (AEDT). For more information view the Path to D10 March Information Session event page.