Open until 31 August – Preview how Drupal Core 9.4 changes will affect your website

Wednesday 10 August 2022

Our next preview window is now open until 31 August 2022 for all SaaS customers to explore how Drupal Core 9.4 changes will affect your websites.

The preview window is now available from Monday 8 August until Wednesday 31 August 2022. We wanted to give you as much lead time as possible to start planning your resources. You can access the preview/GovCMS update environment via the dashboard. 

You will need to prioritise the checking of your site, as this will alert you to any issues when 9.4 update is applied. Ensure you check the functionality of your site including theme, webforms and integration with external services. The Drupal Core change will not affect your site's content. 
Reminder: This will not count towards the maximum number of environments in your project. If there is functionality in the preview feature branch not working, consult your developers and, if required, advise the GovCMS team by raising a Service Desk  ticket. We have also published preview branch support documentation in the Service Desk Knowledge Base.

Important! We encourage PaaS customers to assess, plan and address this core upgrade as it pertains to your websites. Once Drupal Core 9.3.x reaches end of life in December 2022, it will no longer be covered by Drupal Security.