New hosting subscription prices

Tuesday 20 February 2024

In November last year we finished all the procurement work to refresh the hosting contract for GovCMS. There are some changes to the contract which means some of the costs Finance pays have also changed. We also have a new contract in place for our cybersecurity tools. From 1 February, prices have been adjusted to keep in line with these updated contract costs.

The new pricing applies to all new subscriptions and any renewals that start on or after that date. If your subscription is squared away until sometime later in 2024, fear not – the new prices won't come knocking until your next invoice.

For those of you with subscriptions renewing in 2024, you will be sent a renewal proposal outlining the new costs applicable to your subscription. If your renewal is on the horizon in 2024, expect to hear from us about two months before your current subscription expires. If your renewal occurs later in 2024 but would like us to confirm the costs so you can budget for them, get in touch now.

Looking ahead, GovCMS hosting pricing will undergo another review later in 2024, and then every year after that over the life of the current hosting contract.

Don’t forget, the costs for your hosting can also change if the usage of your site changes. Not sure about the cost of an upsize? Take a look at our Pricing Plans.

Here's to navigating changes together in 2024!