New GovCMS purge service for SaaS D9: Ability to clear your own cache

Wednesday 25 May 2022

GovCMS is excited to announce that our Drupal 9 (D9) SaaS customers will be able to perform their own requests to clear site content cached in the Content Delivery Network (CDN) via our new purge service. D9 SaaS customers will have the ability to manually purge files at the simple click of a button at any time that is convenient to you and your agency.

The CDN is a web protection service provided by GovCMS that retrieves content from the origin servers, distributes and caches it at points of presence around the world, to where your user is accessing the internet. Among many benefits, one is it improves performance of your website.

Sometimes content from your website, such as static files, is stored in the CDN with a longer time to live. After updating, the files may require a manual purge before becoming visible on your website. Up until now these manual purges were performed by GovCMS via a Service Desk Ticket.

The GovCMS purge service supports:

1. Automated cache tag purging, all cache tags that form part of a content update published to production will now be purged from the CDN cache for your website automatically.

2. User-initiated file purging, a Site Administrator will now be able to purge files from the CDN cache for your website via the Drupal admin interface.

What do I need to do?

GovCMS will be rolling out the purge service over the next couple of weeks to all D9 websites. It will be a staggered approach, starting with projects that have shown a keen interest in this functionality. You will not notice any disruption to your website while we are configuring the purge service.

For the initial setup we will be configuring the GovCMS purge service to the Site Administrator role for all D9 SaaS customers. Upon request, additional roles may be configured with the purge service. Noting that purge service should only be trusted to the Site Administrator role or equivalent.

To effectively use the service, Site Administrators will need to familiarise themselves with guidance material in the GovCMS Knowledge Base. You need a GovCMS Service Desk account to access this guidance. It has all the important steps you need to familiarise yourself with for managing your own purge requests.

More information

If you have any issues using the purge service, please raise a Service Desk ticket through the GovCMS Service Desk. When submitting your ticket, please include the full list of paths you are trying to purge and any error messages that may appear on your screen.