Meet the team – introducing Rebekah

Tuesday 8 June 2021

Rebekah dived straight into the deep end when she joined the GovCMS team. Facilitating not one, but two of our GovCMS Week Online events during her first fortnight as part of the branch.

As a passionate, out of the box thinker with a love for helping others, Rebekah has fit right into the Service Design team here at GovCMS. She has already come to understand the importance of what GovCMS does, and how we engage.

"I'm amazed how the community comes together and helps one another. This is something I saw happen at the GovCMS Week Online D9 Q&A event. It made me realise GovCMS is more than just a service, it is a community. And I can see how important that is."

Rebekah is excited to get involved with the community in her work as Communications Officer. You’ll likely see her in the GovCMS GovTEAMS Community or reaching out to individuals for Agency Update articles or case studies for the website.

Outside of work, Rebekah is studying full time to become a qualified Registered Nurse. A discipline that links her empathetic nature, and love for helping and understanding others.

But that’s not all, she is already looking ahead and considering further studies into Law and Political Relations to promote change in her real-world community.

Rebekah spends what little free time she has at the gym or socialising with her friends and family.

"I live at the gym! I love training weights and becoming a better version of myself. I look forward to spending the next year pushing my limits in preparation for a fitness comp. I always enjoy a good challenge and cannot wait to see the end results from my training."