Meet the team - introducing Emily

EC_Meet the team
Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Emily leads two digital products on behalf of the Online Services Branch. Her current focus as Product Manager is and the GovCMS website.

With a background in journalism, Emily uses her analytical skills to interview customers about the GovCMS experience. 

‘Last year, our customers asked for a self-service solution to address website problems. We included the support area to our Drupal 8 website and visits have tripled.' 

Work has not slowed down for Emily during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has used the past few months to develop a new customer gallery for the website. 

‘The gallery or “our community” page is an exciting addition to the website which showcases the possibilities available with GovCMS. I have some great ideas about how we can make further changes. The goal is to continue improving the digital experience for our community.’

Emily has been in the Online Services branch for two years. Prior to her work on and GovCMS, she worked in the Communications team for GovTEAMS. The platform is an online collaboration tool developed by the branch in 2018.

‘I’m proud of my achievements working on GovTEAMS. COVID-19 has solidified the need for a digital platform. There are over 85,000 government employees and industry practitioners now connecting via GovTEAMS.'

When asked about her hobbies and interests outside of work, Emily replied.

‘I'm between hobbies at the moment. I usually spend my time outside of work planning my next overseas adventure or heading to a spin class. I have rediscovered hiking. There are so many beautiful walks to do in Canberra.'

Emily is always happy to receive feedback and ideas to continuously improve the website. Send your email to