Meet the team - introducing Annette

Meet Annette
Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Annette’s our Service Designer by day, while after work she enjoys singing and photography. Joining our team in May 2018, Annette continues to ensure a seamless experience for our customers.

Drawing upon her knowledge in human-centred design, Annette maps business processes and co-designs customer services. Sharing insights along the way, she uses her findings to discover more about our community and platform.

'At the start of a project, I conduct research and develop user journey maps. I find these help to understand the needs and pain points of our customers,' said Annette.

Shifting her focus internally, Annette recently assisted in the early stages of our website redevelopment. In turn, she identified potential areas for improvement within our business processes. She developed ways of streamlining processes to better service our customers. Annette also met with GovCMS PaaS customers to understand their experiences with our platform.

‘At the end of 2019, I met with GovCMS customers from five organisations. I set out to identify issues they were having while building their PaaS websites. Our discussions gave me valuable insight into the GovCMS user experience,’ said Annette.

Annette will continue to engage with our customers regularly to improve their experiences. Her work will assist in meeting the increased demand of organisations making the move to GovCMS. If you would like to talk to Annette about your experience, please email her at