Meet the team – introducing Amy

Tuesday 2 March 2021

Amy joined GovCMS late last year to replace Emily as Product Owner of and the GovCMS website. Her current focus is to restructure the GovCMS website to better serve you, our customers.

With experience in five Departments since 2016. Amy knows Government, and understands the need to streamline solutions and simplify information.

"With the changes of the past year, it's more important than ever for the user experience to be as painless as possible.

Whether people are working from home due to COVID, have reduced or compressed hours, or are simply burning the midnight oil, we all need the same access to information as the standard worker.

That is why making our information accessible and available is my top priority."

Amy has already been busy implementing changes to the website. This has included some changes suggested by customers as part of last year’s user testing.

“We have had a lot of quick wins from our customer feedback. Small updates have made big improvements to usability, but were so easy to do. This included implementing breadcrumbs across the site and changing “Our Community” to "Gallery".

Hosted by GovCMS, is a Drupal 8 site. The ability to update content, views and forms, without a technical background, has been essential to making these changes so quickly.”

Outside of work, Amy is more likely to be found curled up with a book with her fur baby, a Whippet X named Ruby, than on a computer.

“Since I discovered Harry Potter at age 9, I fell in love with the written word. I’m now an avid reader with my own home library. I have never looked back!”

Amy is always happy to receive feedback or ideas to improve the website. Use the Contact Us form to get in touch.