Machinery of Government changes

Tuesday 12 July 2022

Machinery of Government (MoG) changes can change the way you run your website. We’ve put together information to support you through this process. We’re here to help you plan any transition work that may be required.
If websites are being changed around in your agency, we will work closely with you to map out any changes to your subscription. We will also provide any documentation you may require while the details of the MoGs are being finalised. 
As MoG changes occur, you may need to consider if you will need to add or remove users from the website itself. Your site admin can assist with this. If you don’t have a site admin available contact the service desk, we will set up an admin user for you, then they can make the changes as needed.  
Your billing and subscription details or contacts may change during this process, and you may not have this information on hand. GovCMS don’t require this information instantly, but you should let us know as soon as you can.
How does this affect your Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)? 
Your GovCMS MOU will not need to be renewed, there is a clause in your MOU that allows for MoG changes. We will work with you to update your MOU to reflect changes to ABN numbers, agency names and contact details, and billing contacts.  Once we’ve received this information, we will return an updated MOU. Please ensure your relevant delegate is aware of the MOU, especially if they’re new to the role.  
What does this mean for work proposals and invoices? 
If you are planning to shut down a website, we can transfer the balance of prepaid subscriptions (if applicable) to another website. You can choose to align the subscription expiry date of your website with other websites subscriptions in your new agency. If you are unsure of the details of your plan with GovCMS, such as outstanding invoices and subscription dates, you can request a Statement of Account. If required, we can reissue invoices to reflect your new billing details. 
If your ABN changes and you expect to receive an invoice from a supplier on the Drupal Services Panel, you will need to modify the contract with the supplier. We can assist you through this process.  

Do you need any other help? 
If your agency has been affected by the MoG changes or you are unsure if this affects you, or have any questions about this process, please get in touch. The team here at GovCMS will schedule some time to go over these changes with you, to support you through this transition.