GovCMS stable enough to manage high traffic?

Friday, October 25, 2019

The Attorney General’s Department (AGD) is moving from SharePoint 2010 to GovCMS. Two websites have migrated already, with another six to be migrated in the near future.

AGD staff previously managed all their website requirements internally.

‘Migrating our websites to GovCMS has given us peace of mind. One of the biggest benefits for us is that GovCMS is able to manage high traffic, which means our own network is not impacted,’ said Scott, Web Services Team Leader.

‘This is really important to us, as we have over 80,000 visits to our sites a month and our users rely on access to our sites for important matters such as finding a marriage celebrant, human rights advice, royal commission updates and industrial relations information.

Websites don’t run perfectly all the time but Scott has been highly satisfied with the GovCMS customer service. Issues are resolved quickly to ensure minimal impact to business.

‘GovCMS have been consistently responsive and I’ve found the GovCMS Community to be a valuable resource. The fact Finance had the foresight to build a community who share resources and knowledge has been an important factor for us that makes our life easier.’

The benefits of GovCMS keep getting better.

‘With each upgrade we get access to continual improvements and flexibility, without having to rely on in-house developers working on our platform. At the end of the day, this saves us resources.’ Scott, Assistant Director, Federal Government.