GovCMS housekeeping

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

We have a number of programs that we offer as part of our service. We depend on you to let us know about staffing changes so we can manage who does and doesn’t have access. Typical times that this would change are when your website build is complete and you move into BAU or when your organisation has staffing changes, including your service providers. This also has a financial implications for us.

Project dashboard: Do you have people who no longer need access to Gitlab? Submit a service desk ticket to delete people who no longer need access to your project on If you are working with a service provider you can set up an automated expiry date for their access.

Please ensure any unused non-production branches or projects are removed. You can do this on the project and/or project environment page on the dashboard at

Service desk: Do you know who has access to your Service Desk account? To find out, you can raise a ticket through the service desk. Please make sure only people who need to raise tickets for your website have access to your account. You can also request that service providers be provided access to raise tickets on your behalf. When your project is complete, please ensure you let us know who no longer needs access.

Drupal: Please make sure all users who no longer need to log into your website/s are set to ‘blocked’. Do not delete users as this can create issues with content. You will need site builder or site admin permission to block users. If no one in your organisation has access, please raise a service desk ticket.

Your contact details: Please let us know if your contact details have changed. This may be as a result of a MoG, changes to your team or maybe you’re no longer responsible for your website. Ensuring your contact details are up-to-date means we can keep you informed. To update your details please email