GovCMS Customer Journey Mapping: Putting Users First

Monday 18 December 2023

In November the GovCMS team dedicated resources to a 7-week Agile project to redevelop the customer journey for the GovCMS website. This project was identified from user research and many of the changes were informed by you, our customers.

The cross-functional team followed the Digital Transformation Agency’s (DTA) service design and delivery process. In only 7 weeks they created a fully functioning pathway for customers that was published in the GovCMS beta space.

The new customer journey was designed to be engaging, interactive and easy-to-use. It aims to support customers from when they evaluate the GovCMS service, all the way to decommissioning a GovCMS website.

This new tool is still in beta, and we’d love your help to get it ready to go live in the new year. So have a look at our new customer journey and let us know what you think.