GovCMS announces enterprise adoption of Rules as Code

Wednesday 22 November 2023

GovCMS will implement Rules as Code (RaC) at enterprise scale making it available to all government agencies on the platform.

Rules as Code is the process of taking legislation, regulations and policies and turning them into machine-readable code so they can be understood and interpreted by computers to facilitate digital service delivery and a better citizen or stakeholder experience.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) stated: “Rules as Code envisions and helps support a truly digital government, with rules created as a digital product and service, rather than having them incorporated into digital processes after the fact. It creates the conditions for a government that can be more agile, more responsive and more innovative.”

In 2022, GovCMS ran a series of experimental projects exploring digital experience tools and services as part of establishing a panel. Recently we announced the DXP panel commencement

One project was focused on Rules as Code - Bringing about Rules as Code 2.0

“The Australian Government Department of Finance has sponsored a project that looked at how RaC could be delivered as a shared utility to deliver simpler, personalised digital user journeys for citizens.… This project represents a global first in use of RaC as a central, shared, open source service hosted on a common platform, allowing government offices and third parties enhanced access to information and the ability to build additional innovations on top. The project has helped demonstrate a path for scalable RaC architecture that can take this approach to new heights.” – OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation’s -‘Global Trends in Government Innovation 2023’ Report

To learn more about Rules as Code

You can view a demonstration “Rules as Code - Delivering a personalised citizen experience for GovCMS” > (Video 14:57 minutes)

A comprehensive OECD Working Paper: Cracking the code: Rulemaking for humans and machines.  3afe6ba5-en.pdf (Link to