Digital Experience Platform Tools on GovCMS - Announcing the First Suppliers

Wednesday 22 November 2023

Following a Commonwealth procurement and evaluation process, the Department of Finance is pleased to announce that the GovCMS Drupal Services Panel (DSP) has been expanded and now includes suppliers offering Digital Experience Platform (DXP) tools and services.

The expanded panel will allow GovCMS customers to deliver personalised and intuitive services to create rich content experiences for their end-users. Promoting a focus on innovation and creativity, the panel simplifies procurement for engaging DXP services and is available to over 100 government agencies, Australia-wide.

The first two suppliers to join the panel are:

  • Morpht, a Sydney-based small-medium enterprise, is offering their Convivial CXP solution and a number of other tools that deliver personalised content experiences for users.
  • Salsa Digital, a Melbourne-based small-medium enterprise, is providing a “Rules as Code” solution built on the open-source tool OpenFisca.

Both suppliers are offering solution integration services, specialist design and development services and can provide ongoing technical support for site owners and content administrators.

Additional suppliers will be added to the panel over the coming months.