Agency Update November 2022

Tuesday 22 November 2022

Mega Meetup - Don't miss out! Registrations Open

There's just over one week until our GovCMS Mega Meetup and we could not be more excited!

Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 - it's almost time to say goodbye!

It is time that we farewell Drupal 7 (D7) from the GovCMS platform. D7 will retire on the GovCMS platform on 28 November 2022. If you haven’t already made the move, and are planning to do so, please reach out as soon as possible.

Price increase from 1 December 2022

Our prices will increase from 1 December 2022. New prices will apply to new subscriptions and all renewals that start on or after that date.

Creating webforms

A webform is a simple way to collect data from users that visit your website. They are commonly used to create contact forms, surveys, assist with communications and allow for event registrations. The webform module is included in both the GovCMS Drupal 7 and Drupal 9 distributions.

What you need to remember if you have Configuration Management enabled for your websites

At GovCMS we are all about enhancing your experience with the platform. To ensure a successful experience when configuration management is enabled, here’s the 5 key points you need to remember.

Training - hello face-to-face 

Do you miss face-to-face training? If you do, you are in luck! GovCMS will be conducting the first face-to-face Content Administration course since 2020. 

Pen testing

Pen testing, short for penetration testing, is an activity used to identify security vulnerabilities that may compromise a website application. It helps identify vulnerabilities, the associated risks, and can highlight the path to solving them.