2020 we've made it through!

Tuesday 15 December 2020

The challenges we’ve faced this year were unexpected and unprecedented. We worked closely with many of you to maintain critical websites on the frontline during the pandemic. The transferrable skills we now have as a community were able to support the COVID response. We supported small surge teams to form and support agencies who came under intense delivery pressure. This would not have been possible only a few years ago.

We also benefited from a scalable platform. At the peak of the pandemic, the GovCMS SaaS platform experienced:

  • 100,000 pages of content served per minute
  • 187,000 concurrent users on the platform
  • 2 billion hits in a month.

Some other highlights of the year include:

  • implementing additional security protections for sites on the platform
  • launched a suite of free online training videos
  • progressing the GovCMS Drupal 9 distribution so it’s ready for release early next year
  • connecting with the GovCMS Community through virtual events on GovTEAMS. Our recent Drupal 9 event had the highest attendance online with over 70 people joining us.

After the year we’ve had, everyone deserves a relaxing break. We hope you enjoy the festive season and we’ll see you next year.

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