Compare SaaS and PaaS


GovCMS Software as a Service (SaaS) offering removes the burden of managing your own software, licensing and infrastructure.

Built on Drupal Open Source Software, SaaS is hosted in public cloud infrastructure in Australia. The infrastructure and content management system are security accredited, tested and maintained for agencies as part of the GovCMS service.

The offering also includes procurement and contract management, DDoS prevention and WCAG AA compliant templates and themes.

Visit the Features page for more information.


GovCMS caters to agencies that need higher levels of control, customisation and flexibility for their websites. The GovCMS Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, available through Acquia Cloud Enterprise (ACE), is ideal for bespoke Drupal websites.

PaaS allows agencies to develop multiple sites with varying code bases.

PaaS is a self-managed platform. Your agency is responsible for the application layer, which includes security of your site/s.

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SaaS and PaaS compared

Software as a Service


Platform as a Service


Agency development capabilityLow to highMedium to high
Website complexityLow to highLow to high
Drupal codegovCMS distribution onlyAny
Start with the govCMS distributionYesYes
Customise the govCMS distributionFunctionality request to the govCMS team for reviewYes
(Agency ICT review)
Customise design/look and feelYes with Drupal theme and CSSYes with Drupal theme and CSS
CDN DDOS ProtectionIncludedNot included. (Agency can procure DDOS Protection via a Service Provider if required)
IRAP AssessmentPlatform and Application completedPlatform completed
(Agency to procure IRAP Assessment up to the Application Layer)
Multi-tier server architectureYesYes
Security updatesPlatform, Drupal Core and Drupal ModulesPlatform, Drupal Core and Drupal Modules
Commitment to make development effort available to the Open Source communityYesYes
Penetration testingIncludedNot included
Benefit from new govCMS functionality as it is developedYes, distribution is testedYes, but requires regression testing against customisations
Release Management2 x Production environments in a Green/Blue configuration (one live, one for deployment readiness)Dev, Staging and Production environments with web interface